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How to Get an Unattended Death of a Tenant Resolved

As a rental property manager, there are many duties your job comes with. You shall always have a busy time, attending to all manner of requests from the tenants, as well as getting repair services on site whenever something gets broken. You will have to deal with late rent payers, as well as other stressful situations. It is also inevitable sometimes that you may have to face the duties that go with the death of one of your tenants. There are a lot of such deaths going on everywhere. In today’ society, people are so caught up in their own issues it can be possible for you to die, and for that profound event not to register with anyone immediately.

An unattended death is the kind that can happen to a person when they are alone in their house, and for their body to keep decomposing while no one takes notice of what just happened. There are so many causes of such deaths, such as natural causes, an accident, a suicide, or even homicide. There shall always be a mystery surrounding the fact that death can occur and no one knows about it for all that time. The most common explanation is there were no relatives or family close by, who could have dropped in to check on them. Even at work, there are few colleagues who would bother to go check on others if they do not show up for work.

In any case, there shall be a need to call in a professional death cleanup company. You need to check out their reputation, to be sure you are dealing with the right experts. It is important to call in a company that has the right equipment and disinfectants, as well as professionally trained technicians. They need to be reliable and observant, and go about their duties with discretion and minimal disturbance to your other tenants.

In cleaning up the house after the body has been taken away, all bodily fluids and tissue have to be removed from the scene. There are so many pathogens that come from a decomposing body. This is why they need to remove even the minute drops of blood in there. Leaving any would be inviting grave danger on the nest occupants and their neighbors. There is an immediate need to get rid of all germs, bacteria, airborne and bloodborne pathogens, as well as active disease. The cleanup company, therefore, needs to come prepared to attend to the clothes, carpet, wood, flooring, sub-flooring, in between walls, on the ceiling, and any other surface in the rooms. After their job is done, the house should be thoroughly decontaminated and deodorized.

You then need to see how the relatives shall take the belongings in there.

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Getting To The Point – Management