Group Workouts

Whether you are weight training, doing yoga or Pilates, it’s always easier to work in a group than to go it alone. If you have never done it before, if you’ve never worked doing small group training before, you wouldn’t be in a position to realize the benefits of it.  Motivation is one of the prime reasons for working in groups.  Trust me on this, sometimes really bad days extend from work straight into the gym.  If you are working with other people though, they can help get you out of that funk.

I’m not just talking about getting an ‘attaboy’ from the people you are there with, but real emotional support, real help that will pull not just your workout, but your entire day out from the abyss. That small group you are with, those few people, are the backbone of everyone’s success as far as working out goes, because everyone helps everyone. I’ve had days when all I wanted to do was crawl in a hole before I got to the gym, but meeting those people, knowing I had those people there, people who had my back, really made the exercise and the day better.  You do for them as they do for you, too. You are their support team, and it makes you push harder when you going at it. It makes the exercising that much better.  We’re all stronger for it.